Microsoft Programme Eligibility

Organisations involved in the following activities are eligible to request Microsoft software donations.

The following additional organisations are eligible to request Microsoft software donations.

  • Community health clinics
  • Behavioral healthcare non-profits that provide mental health, chemical dependency, mental retardation/developmental disabilities services, and other psychosocial services to the community.
  • Women's health centers
  • Blood banks

The following additional organisations are INELIGIBLE to request Microsoft software donations.

  • Private foundations
  • Educational institutions (including public and private schools, private colleges, universities, and trade schools), organisations eligible through Microsoft academic volume licensing programs are not eligible for software donations, including non-profit private schools
  • Governmental organisations or agencies including international governmental organisations and United Nations entities
  • Political organisations
  • Lobbying organisations
  • Labour unions
  • Business & professional organisations
  • Hospitals & healthcare networks, including health centers, medical/dental clinics, preventative healthcare offices, mobile services, and occupational health centers.
  • Assisted living healthcare organisations - assisted living as a congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates personal services, 24-hour supervision and assistance (scheduled and unscheduled), and health-related services.
  • Healthcare research organizations and research laboratories
  • Religious organisations not registered as a non-profit organisation and without a secular community designation that is separate from the church or religious organisation

Details on Eligible Organisations

Human Rights Activities

  • Defense of human and civil rights
  • Elimination of prejudice and discrimination
  • Lessen neighbourhood tensions

Environment and Conservation

  • Preservation of natural resources (conservation)
  • Combating or preventing pollution (air, water, etc)
  • Land acquisition for preservation
  • Soil or water conservation
  • Preservation of scenic beauty
  • Wildlife sanctuary or refuge
  • Garden club

Arts & Culture

  • Community theatrical group
  • Singing society or group
  • Cultural performances
  • Literary activities
  • Cultural exchanges with foreign country

Rural and Agricultural Services

  • Farming
  • Agricultural group
  • Horticultural group
  • Financing crop operations
  • Dairy herd improvement association
  • Breeders association

Social Housing

  • Low-income housing
  • Low and moderate income housing
  • Housing for the aged
  • Instruction and guidance on housing

Community Development

  • Area development, redevelopment/renewal
  • Other activity aimed at combating community deterioration
  • Attracting new industry or retaining industry in an area
  • Community promotion
  • Crime prevention
  • Voluntary firemen's organization or auxiliary
  • Community service organization

Public Interest Legal Services

  • Public interest litigation activities
  • Other litigation or support of litigation
  • Legal aid to the poor

Counselling Services

  • Marriage counselling
  • Family planning
  • Credit counselling and assistance
  • Job training, counselling, or assistance
  • Referral service (social agencies)
  • Rehabilitating convicts or ex.-convicts

Training Material Development

  • Radio or television broadcasting
  • Producing films
  • Giving information or opinion

Disaster Relief

Educational Support

  • Special school for the blind, handicapped
  • Nursery school
  • Alumni association or group
  • Parent or parent-teachers association
  • Other student society or group


  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.
  • Care and housing of children (orphanages, etc)
  • Preventation of child abuse

Community Recreation

  • Community centre
  • Travel tours
  • Training in sports
  • Amateur athletic association
  • Community recreational facilities (park, playground, etc)