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How are nonprofits using Adobe Acrobat? Find out in the free webinar, Thurs. 12/16, 11 am Pacific

木, 2010-12-09 10:26

What do you think of when you hear about Adobe Acrobat? PDF files, right? PDF (portable document format) has been used for more than a decade to share files freely between computers regardless if you’re using a Mac, Linux, or Windows machine as long as you have the Reader installed. But Adobe Acrobat has much more to offer than simply creating and displaying PDF files. Attend this free webinar and learn how other nonprofits and libraries are using this tool to save time and money.

Kami Griffiths will interview Kurt Ohlfs from Pacific Autism to learn how they use the form feature to streamline a process for collecting and distributing information. This webinar will be an overview of Adobe Acrobat, with real examples of how it is being used in the sector. There will be an expert available to answer questions. Read more about Acrobat at this blog post.

You can discuss this webinar on Twitter with the hashtag #techsoup or join us for a live-stream of the event in Second Life.

Do you have a question  you’d like our hosts to cover? Post it here and we’ll make sure your question gets addressed!



HR / Employee Policy or Handbook

水, 2010-12-08 09:09

I'd like to find an inexpensive software solution for something like Policies Now or Descriptions Now.  Those are now owned by a company called PerformSmart, but I don't see that they are offering anything in Tech Soup.  Does anyone know of some good software for writing Employee Policies that are compliant with state law and Job Descriptions that are relevant and compliant with ADA?  Thanks in advance.

New on TechSoup boards ...

水, 2010-12-08 09:03

I am Al Christenson, Business Manager at Westminster Woods Camp & Conference Center, located in the beautiful redwood forest near Occidental, CA.  Like many non-profits, we are cash-poor but have a wealth of ideas and desires.  I'm impressed with Tech Soup and love the prices for technology items & software for the camp.  Most recently ordered QB Premier 2010.  My background is accounting & finance, a little IT (enough to be really dangerous) and some HR.  I hope to find that the community is a source of support and knowledge for other users.

Knowledge Manager at Kiva - San Francisco, CA

水, 2010-12-08 08:15

Knowledge Manager

Location: San Francisco – Downtown/Mission District

The Company:
The hottest non-profit on the planet” (FORTUNE magazine)
One of TIME magazine's “50 Best Websites”

Kiva ( is the world's first person-to-person lending marketplace for the poor. In just 4 years, Kiva has raised $100+ million for 300,000+ entrepreneurs in 50+ countries. Kiva combines the culture and approach of an internet start-up with an intense focus on alleviating global poverty. Kiva is poised to take its initial success to a whole new level - targeting $1 billion in loans by 2015 and expansion into new areas (e.g. student loans, climate change, etc.). Headquartered in San Francisco, Kiva's team has 50 employees and 500+ volunteers.

The Role:
This new role works with key staff in the Global Partner Operations and Investments teams to define and document processes and policies for internal and external stakeholders.

The Knowledge Manager is a member of both the Global Partner Operations and Global Partner Investments teams, working with key staff in each group to define and document processes and policies for internal and external stakeholders at Kiva.

The Knowledge Manager will:

1.     1. Institutionalize Kiva partnership internal knowledge to facilitate efficient training of new personnel and ensure continuity of knowledge and methods within the partnerships groups.

2.     2. Develop training and reference materials for Kiva Field Partners around the globe, improving both the efficiency and quality of partner support by providing materials appropriate to Kiva partners.

 As needed, the Knowledge Manager will bring on and manage volunteer support to meet the needs defined in this role and to support other staff needs in the department.

Core Responsibilities:

·         Work closely with all key stakeholders on the partnerships department staff to learn current processes and define documentation framework. Primary audiences for documentation will include Kiva staff, Field Partner head office staff, Kiva Fellows, Kiva Volunteer Editors and Translators, and external auditors, and possibly Field Partner loan officers and Kiva borrowers. Types of documentation may include training manuals, content and loan policy guidelines, marketing/business development materials for new partnerships, partner-facing online help, best practice guides to creating borrower stories and updates, internal procedure manuals, and process mapping.

  •  Develop review process for documentation by stakeholders.
  •  Manage vendors for professional translation of materials.
  •  Create process for regular maintenance of all key documentation.
  • Continue to define additional documentation that would add value internally or to Kiva’s partners or volunteer stakeholders.
  •  Work with Kiva HR staff to bring on interns as needed for direct support of the Knowledge Manager role and to support key Global Partnerships staff, providing primary management for these interns.
  •  Create tracking system for Kiva Field Partner equipment requests, managing the requests, distribution, and tracking of equipment.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • 5+ years of professional experience in collaborative, dynamic business environments
  • Superior oral and written communication skills, with the ability to capture detailed process and communicate in a manner accessible to a range of audiences
  • Proven aptitude for process discovery, definition, and documentation
  • Strong technical skills, with experience managing a range of tools and systems. Excel, page layout, and Salesforce experience preferred but not required.
  • Experience creating training documentation or e-learning modules a plus
  • Knowledge of writing for low literacy audiences a plus
  • Experience living or working in a developing country and/or working in microfinance a plus

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary, with growth potential based on performance
  • Full benefits (health insurance, 401K match) & fun perks (friends loving what you do)

Interested? Email cover letter and resume to Include in the subject line “Knowledge Manager.”

Please do not contact the office directly with any questions or follow-up inquiries. Due to the number of applicants for this position, we regret that we can only respond to candidates that we would like to interview.


Appointment Program

水, 2010-12-08 08:14


I work for a Non-Profit Credit Counseling organization, and we are searching for a good appointment database program that would be inexpensive and easy to use.   Anyone know of any.  We presently use Microsoft Access and though it is good we are stating to have to keep better stats of past appointments and the clients information. 

Thank you

No Sound

水, 2010-12-08 00:21

Hello i have a Dell Inspiron 1420 that i reformatted with windows vista and i'm having a sound issue. I reinstalled all the drivers and when i connect headphones i can hear fine but without the headphones no sound from the speakers any ideas?

Here's how to get quickbooks 2011

火, 2010-12-07 13:20

Our accountant said to get the new QB so I ordered it. Oops. Didn't notice it was the 2010 edition. So I called Intuit, they took our registration number, pointed me to a page to download the 2011 version, and gave me a new registration number for the 2011 edition. No charge.

Voices from the TechSoup Community: Video Editing Voilà!

火, 2010-12-07 11:01

With TechSoup's second Digital Storytelling Event just around the corner, we have video editing on the brain! Check out this compilation of video editing recommendations culled from the TechSoup community forums.

Got another video editing question or tool to recommend? Post it here!



Hello from the Little River Wetlands Project!

火, 2010-12-07 05:27

Hi all!  We (LRWP) have been TechSoup members for a while, but we haven't joined in any of the discussions here...thought I would change all that today.

iPad verses Laptop

火, 2010-12-07 04:50

Has anyone evaluated using an iPad instead of a desktop? 

Would the iPad be a viable replacement for some users?

If there was a shared PC available for the occasional task that the iPad couldn't handle and for the cable connected update and start up.


Any thoughts or articles?




Database Consultant (Seattle)

火, 2010-12-07 04:20
Organizational Background
NPower Seattle was founded in 1999 by a group of visionary funders who believed that technology could transform our communities. Eleven years later, NPower has served over 2,400 nonprofits and provided thousands of hours of training and consulting support.
NPower Seattle has built a database consulting practice that specializes in implementing for nonprofits. As more nonprofits take advantage of this innovative platform, NPower’s database services are in high demand. The systems we develop have a positive impact on the ability of our nonprofit clients to reach out to constituents, analyze their effectiveness in the community, and meet their organizational goals.

Job Description
This Consultant works with NPower’s nonprofit customers to design, implement, and maintain the databases used to manage relationships with clients, constituents, and funders.

The ideal candidate will:
  • Have experience implementing constituent relationship management systems (CRM)
  • Be able to understand nonprofit business needs such as donor management, volunteer management, case management or outcomes tracking systems
  • Have strong project management skills
  • Have prior consulting experience

Please see the detailed job description for requirements and application instructions on our website at:

Principals only please.

Online Volunteering: Background, Challenges, Questions, and Metrics

火, 2010-12-07 03:44

Two years ago I worked with a team of Accenture volunteers on a research pilot with multiple Nethope member organizations.  Our goal was to define ideal volunteer types, then for each establish a full-lifecycle continuous improvement process for orienting, integrating, managing, retaining, etc.

We eventually found that defining "types" was elusive and there was no single formula for success.  The conclusion I ultimately came to was that no single process was flexible enough for all the combinations of external, cultural, and demographic differenes.  There were too many variables.  For example, at some organizations college students were great, productive, reliable, and stayed there for years.  At another they only stayed a few months and were unreliable.  Did they include graduate students?  Returning students? Spouses of students?  Did they receive credit?  At each organization successful scenarios depended heavily on the management style, context, background, and nature of the projects.  Generalizing it to all participating organizations was an unrealistic expectation.

Toward the end of the pilot I applied some of the learnings from our work to develop most of a meta-framework that ignored external variables in favor of psychological characteristics, consistent project characteristics, and a few others. Then the project ended.

A year and a half ago I accepted a new position as a web analyst here at Save the Children.  Ten months ago I ran another pilot that resulted in 22 corporate and consultant online volunteers doing my job with and through me.  The goal was different.  Two dozen people who had never met, from nearly as many companies, from half a dozen countries, collaborating to produce data-driven organizational culture change from the bottom up.  Simple. (or not!)  As expected, the group pared down to a core of 6 over time.  We went through many tools in trying to find a system flexible enough to handle daily changing obstacles.  We defined and re-defined many projects.  We experimented with scheduling and organizational methods

After five months an unexpected management vacuum created instability and efficacy challenges.  I disbanded the group.

While we weren't together long enough to achieve culture change, the project was still a success in many ways.  We overcame many difficult challenges together.  The core team and others communicated interest continuing similar projects with me if I were to run them in a more stable environment with greater capacity for our results to help more organizations. We truly became a community of friends with relationships that persist today.  Very cool outcomes.

Still we faced the problem that our success, again, depended on management style and other difficult to quantify characteristics.  During this pilot, however, we gained something better than one-time success.  Midway through we discovered something - an analytics tool that wasn't designed for managing volunteers, yet has the potential to work amazingly in that capacity.  It can measure group dynamics, leadership style, learning styles, motivators, personality traits, and a broad range of volunteer experiences.  It provides more management support than I thought possible, enabling volunteer coordinators to continuously improve the experience and productivity of any online volunteer group, on a variety of projects, in near real-time.

I see many services and applications that match volunteers with organizations and/or predefined projects.  I have yet to encounter one that supports continuous improvements in project-agnostic group management, outcomes, and volunteer experience.  So I'm leaving Save the Children to to study online volunteer communities in action using that tool.

So, all that background to ask some questions in an effort to make sure we're asking the best ones:

  • If you could learn anything about online volunteer communities, what would you want to know?
  • What problems do you think most plague online volunteering today?
  • What challenges would be most helpful to overcome?
  • Assuming you can measure anything from psychological/emotional/behavioral characteristics to project performance to departmental outputs, what metrics would you use to measure improvements in those challenge areas?
  • What questions am I not asking that I should be?

Thoughts, comments, and questions welcome.  If you prefer to communicate via a different medium, no problem.  Just send me a direct message here and we can coordinate.


Adam Laughlin

Comparable ODB Database for Mac's?

火, 2010-12-07 02:34

We are a small non-profit and are currently using a ODB (Organizers Database) for our contact management.  We want to switch over completely to Mac’s but ODB doesn’t have a program that will work with a Mac.  We like the ODB because it’s easy to use(at least for our purposes) and is free(again, at least for us).  Is there any comparable free or cheap Database for Mac’s?  Any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Event calendar for managing events in different locations

月, 2010-12-06 16:46

Hi everyone--

I'm working with a group that is looking for an online calendar that will allow them to easily display classes they offer in different locations. For example, they'd like to have the option to narrow the calendar of events to display either all classes or classes by location or instructor and display by month, week, or day.

Free or very-low cost is a must and multiple people would need to be able to easily add classes to the calendar. I've thought about Google calendar as an option, but that can often be problematic for folks that don't have a Google account, even if the calendar is public. Anyone have other suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


Backup Exec Entitlement

月, 2010-12-06 09:36

Hi There!


I have previously seen posts with people asking about how they purchase agents for Backup Exec like SQL and Exchange. I have seen people say that keys for symantec products include all options same as an NFR would, however, I have a key and can't activate the exchange agent. I have backup exec 12.5.


Is there a special activation I require to do to allow this to occur or how do I get it operational please.

Right now those agents are installed as evals which have expired!


Many thanks in advance.

How to check when a web page was last modified/updated?

月, 2010-12-06 02:45

Is there an app or widget to see when a web page was posted or last modified/updated?  Does it depend on what browser or search engine you use?

Something I don't understand is why it isn't a standard practice for a posting date or modified/updated time stamp to be displayed at the top of all entries? 

Viewing Page Info doesn't.  I know that I can set date parameters in a Google search.   But that's not the same thing as being able to see how fresh the info you're viewing is as you surf a site or from site to site.  So is there a utility or app that will do this?

Adobe pdf accessibility report

月, 2010-12-06 02:15

Adobe pdf accessibility has long been an issue although Adobe has worked to address the issues.

The Australian government and Vision Australia 'undertook a study of the Portable Document Format’s accessibility capabilities. The study’s scope was focused on PDF and was designed to increase understanding of its strengths and weaknesses'.

You can find this report at:

Article: 6 On-Page SEO Basics Revisted

土, 2010-12-04 05:24

This article over at Search Marketing Standard will provide nonprofit site owners (especially those new to Search Engine Optimization) with a brief and straightforward overview of 6 on-page SEO elements:

  1. The <Title> Tag
  2. Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions Tags
  3. Bold and Italic
  4. H1 to H6
  5. Anchor Text
  6. Alt Tags

These basics each play a role (some much more than others) in the SEO process, and you can help improve your site's performance in the search engines and for your visitors by ensuring your site is properly optimized for these elements above.

Got a question or comment about any of these "on-page" SEO elements?

You can post it here!


土, 2010-12-04 03:56

We placed an order, but the status is registration pending.  We have sent all the documents over two months ago.  I emailed more than a month ago asking what we needed to do--no response.  Please, please contact me on what we need to do to get the order approved and processed.

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