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Measuring Online Communication Effectiveness

土, 2011-01-29 04:14

Are your online communications working? How can you tell? In this article, we talk through four types of measures - views, followers, engagement, and conversion - that help you track your efforts to see if they're worthwhile.

Win7 pro laptop on SBS2003 domain

水, 2010-12-15 03:15

I have a Win7 pro laptop that was working fine on the domain.  It was taken out of the office for a few days, now when you start outlook it asks for username and password before it will connect to Exchange. Also you cannot browse or connect to the shares on the server at all.

It is still a domain member and the user can log in to any other work station and access his files, so I don't think it is a server issue.

I can ping the server, access the server based web pages, can't CIFS to the file shares


Unfortunately the web searches I've found to research this relate to initial connecting to a domain or making the home network work.

Windows fire wall is disabeled

I've disabled the antivirus software -- no change

Changed the machine name -- no change


Anyone have suggestions where to start?



Job Opening: IT Specialist

水, 2010-12-15 02:11

The nation is turning its eyes toward Milwaukee’s Urban Ecology Center as the model of effective and impactful urban environmental education. Located on vibrant public green spaces, our fast-growing organization serves over 75,000 people of all ages annually. Our innovative team of cutting-edge non-profit professionals works in a creative, high-energy open office in a state-of-the-art green facility. Awarded the national Alfred P Sloan “When Work Works” recognition and a 2009 Top Workplace by the Business Journal, the Urban Ecology Center is a leader in workplace flexibility. The Urban Ecology Center’s facility and programs have been recognized nationally and internationally for their innovative approach to sustainability, neighborhood-based urban environmental education and citizen science.

The  IT Specialist is a part time 20-hour/week position that offers the opportunity to put your technologically savvy skills to work for a non-profit organization you can believe in!  We are currently seeking a self-motivated, professional individual to join our fast-paced, energetic team in a part-time IT position to directly support our organization’s hardware and software needs and ad hoc day to day projects. A significant role of this position is to help the Center run smoothly by maintaining the server, workstations, AV equipment and other technology at our Riverside Park and Washington Park locations. The position coordinates the efforts of IT consultants, works independently and collaboratively with Urban Ecology Center staff. The position reports to the Director of Finance and Operations.   How to Apply: Please visit for application information. A complete application includes: 1) a letter of interest, 2) a resume, 3) an application form and 4) a list of three to five references. Contact Judy Krause, if you have questions.   The Urban Ecology Center serves a socially and culturally diverse audience.  We strive to build a team of employees that has similar richness in culture and experience. Compensation for this half-time year-round position is $14-15/hour. Position is closed when filled. Job Opportunity The Urban Ecology Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to make all personnel decisions without discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, physical disability, mental disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, national or ethnic origin and any other protected status.

It’s (almost) here: The new and improved TechSoup forums!

火, 2010-12-14 08:30

I am very excited to say that we're close to going live w/ the first phase of upgrades to the TechSoup community forums. We are upgrading to the latest version of the Community Server platform, which is the software that powers our online forums. With the upgrade, there will be improved stability and performance to the forums.

The TechSoup forums will have a brief downtime to install the updates. The upgrade will take place Tuesday evening, December 14, 2010 between 9:00PM and 12 Midnight Pacific time. During this time the forums and TechSoup Wesites will be unavailable.

Some of the major new highlights we’re excited about:

• Improved usability and stability

• Better navigation to make it easier to post, edit posts, and find your way around the forums

• New look & feel in keeping w/ the rest of the new TechSoup site

• All of the pages in the Community section of TechSoup will soon be moving over to a matching look and better integration with the forums

Some differences:

• The “Discuss This” feature on TechSoup articles will not yet pull in the forums discussion below the article; for now, this will only link to the specific forum discussion.

By default, you have to be friends with a user to send them a private message. However, you can change this option in your forum profile settings to allow any users to send you a private message.

In early 2011, we will be taking on the second phase of the upgrade. This phase of the project the TechSoup blog over to the Community Server platform, so the blog and forums can easily connect to share blog posts, comments, and related forum discussions.

Have any questions about the upgrade? Please post any questions, feedback, and/or any issues with the brand new site here.



Looking for IT Inventory Software

火, 2010-12-14 04:58

I am looking for some easy software to use to take much needed inventory for my organization. I have used spreadsheets and Access before in the past but I was wondering if there is anything out there. Any ideas?

Hello from Upstate New York

日, 2010-12-12 04:43

Hi everyone,

My name is Steve Leeper and I am with the Moyers Corners Fire Department in Clay, NY. We have been with Tech Soup for quite some time but have never posted in the forums. We are the largest volunteer fire department in Onondaga County and one of the largest in New York State. We have about 150 members and run about 1500 calls a year. We operate 4 stations that are all connected via VPN links and Cisco ASA5505's. We have about 25 workstations all on Active Directory running off of 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. 

In my day job, I work for the a college that is part of the SUNY system doing end user support and desktop repairs. I'm an avid techie and hope to get some assistance from others users and provide any assistance I can to others.



Quickbooks 2010 Premier

日, 2010-12-12 02:13

We are considering the three license Quickbooks for our organization. The three users are a part-time employee, a volunteer Treasurer and an independent bookkeeper. We have no office and each of the three users works in a different location. First, can we download the software to computers owned by the three users and second, how would we synchronize the three data files?

What are your favoritef PowerPoint tips and shortcuts?

土, 2010-12-11 12:12

Are you a regular PowerPoint user? Perhaps an evil genius of using it to make fantastically un-boring presentations? Well, share your secrets here. As terrific as many nonprofit and library staffers are at leading great organizations delivering community service and working for social change, some are not so terrific at creating exciting and engaging presentations.

Do you have favorite tips or keyboard shortcuts that help you to save time and make you the star performer at your next conference, workshop, training, or meeting.

Share them here!

(P.S. I recently discovered the wonders of the SmartArt graphics converter that lets me turn a plain old bulleted list into a nice looking graphic with the click of a button. Sooo convenient.)

Forum Navigation

土, 2010-12-11 11:56

Guys admittedly I haven't been here for a while, but what the heck has happened to the forum navigation? It's horrible! (and looks impossible for anyone vidually impaired and using a screen-reader to use) - Any thread with more than half-a-dozen posts the little box on the left is way too small for the navigation links... and posts are no longer listed in context and/or by thread... in a word, yuck!

Lessons of Wikileaks for today's NPO

土, 2010-12-11 09:45

I have no doubt much more will come out about Wikileaks in the upcoming weeks, and no I’m not referring to more leaked documents or even more protests of support for the journalist Julian Assange in Australian capital cities .

Wikileaks, the NPO, the New Media Organisation staffed by volunteers, funded by donations enabled by the World Wide Web, new-age media outlets, and founded by Assange; is today facing an extraordinary situation. It is under attack by the most powerful nation on earth. All NPO’s should be aware, and perhaps a little wary at this time.   - Beware of the Cloud. It can dump you in a flash.   - Call yourself a new-media organisation? Think again. You are nothing if the US Government doesn’t like what you say. Freedom of speech is a one-way street.   Back-track June 13, 1971...   The New York Times begins to publish the Pentagon Papers; provided by Daniel Ellsberg highlighting the lies of Johnson to the US people, congress, and the ultimate futility of the Vietnam War. Ellsberg is prosecuted and the Times ordered by injunction to cease publication. The Times however successfully appeals the injunction and promptly provides all the leaked documents to fifteen other Newspapers (including the Washington Post), for quick publication to ensure they were not again gagged. The NY Times are hailed heroes of free speech. Ellsberg is ultimately vindicated and likewise tagged a hero.   Fast-forward forty years...   Bradley Manning, low-level US Army intelligence analyst is alleged to have provided documents to the NPO Wikileaks that demonstrate lies and misinformation by the US Government concerning, amongst other things, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Precedent set; like the Times and Washington Post of forty years before; Wikileaks begins to publish the documents after receiving advice from legal and other media outlets on the suitability. Wikileaks filters the output so as to not endanger lives.   And once again the carnival begins... however this time the US Government cannot gag the media outlet because it’s operating outside US international boundaries. So what do they do?   - Pressure the Cloud hosting provider to dump the NPO...   - Pressure the financial organisations transacting public donations, to dump the NPO and to illegally with-hold funds...   - Criminalise the actions of NPO management (outside of any recognised international legal framework), to such an extraordinary extent that foreign news reporters operating outside the US can now be charged as ‘terrorists’ simply for publishing freely provided information.   ---   Our world is bettered by a myriad of NPO’s providing service to humanity. Reporters without Borders Sans Frontieres (vocally supporting their colleague Assange and Wikileaks at this time), the International Committee to Protect Journalists, the Associated Press, the Center for Independent Media, Free Wikileaks.   Seemingly all can be shut down by the whim of a Government exposed by its own lies. All can be attacked by a Government seeking to gag and inhibit the right to free speech and a free news media. Governments can (and in this case, do) pressure other organisations so they cease to provide essential business services.   NPO’s need to ask the questions - Is all our data stored on the Cloud on the servers of an external provider? Remember at the end of the day hosting contracts are designed to serve their interests first. They can dump you on a whim. Is your data stored on the servers in a country likely to react against you on a political front? They can 'persuade' your hosting provider to dump you.   Or can they?   Wikileaks is still online – yesterday supporters and protestors raised a quarter of a million dollars in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne to place full page ads in the NY Times and Washington Post so as to inform the US citizenry on the depth of the US Governments deception.   It’s not over.

password change?

土, 2010-12-11 08:09

On Nov. 19 techsoup did not recognize my password, and sent me a new random collection of characters, saying:

> After you log in, you can go to your member profile and change your password to something you’ll remember.

My profile <> has no place for changing password.

no going back

土, 2010-12-11 08:05

In the forums, with Firefox (but not with Google Chrome) the Alt-LeftArrow key combo does not go to previous page. The only way I've found to get out is with mousing the navigation button, which is slower/harder (I don't have a mouse with back button right now, so I cannot tell about that).

Mozilla Firefox

土, 2010-12-11 07:43

Hello is there a way to asssign websites to Local Intranet Zone in IE equivalent in Firefox?

Some product feedback from folks using online video or running cause/advocacy campaigns wanted.

土, 2010-12-11 06:22

Hi folks!
It's been a while since I have posted here.. I would love some feedback on the product we have been building for a while. If you have a moment, I'd really love it if you went over to and checked out the widget we made called the Spark. If you happen to be involved in cause marketing I have a little survey for you- it's super short and you will be entered into a raffle to win a Flip Cam in all honesty you have a pretty good chance of winning ;)

Thanks so much!

Microsoft Licensing Question

土, 2010-12-11 03:25
As part of a larger overall plan, my organization is building project management support onto a donated server. We're starting from scratch with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition R2. With that, we will be running Project Server, which also requires Sharepoint Server. On the client side, we will be purchasing Project Professional 2010. Here's the question. We'll need Device Cals for Windows Server 2008 for anyone connecting to that machine. Do we also need CAL's for Sharepoint Server and Project Server? Just for Sharepoint Server (The client side of Project comes with 1 CAL per license). Basically, with the configuration above, what CAL's do we need? Thanks!

Computer and software questions?

金, 2010-12-10 21:49

Do the computers that you offer come with DVD burners?  Do they come with picture care readers?  Also when will you have Quickbooks 2011? and Do you offere Pinnacle software?

New features in Google Docs!

金, 2010-12-10 11:39

When I went into my Google Docs today, I noticed there were some snazzy new features.

Here's a few that I'm particularly excited about:

  • URLs automatically recognized as hyperlinks
  • Ability to convert a PDF document into a Word doc
  • Google docs viewer in mobile browsers (for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones)

(I'm not very happy about changes to Google Groups, but that's another post!)

Other good tips/features you're excited about?




CS5 Production Premium Serial Number Issues

金, 2010-12-10 05:41


I received your donation replies and information including download instructions and serial numbers for everything in the CS5 package. I downloaded the program, installed and the programs worked for a few days then we received an ERROR 213-5 that the licensing for this product has stopped working. Was there an issue with these serial numbers? Could you send me a new set? Thank you.

Jonathan Williams


Event Marketing

金, 2010-12-10 05:39

I work for a small Jewish non profit in NYC.  We are gearing up for annual Tribute Dinner in April and I was wondering the best tool is for event marketing online.  I am considering using Constant Contact's new Event Marketing tool or Charity Happenings ( to market the event online and on our website, track  registration, attendance, payments, ad purchases, etc.  What advice can you offer?


Emma for AFYBA

Volunteer management software

金, 2010-12-10 02:14

I'm looking for volunteer management software package that I can buy without having a recurring cost. I would like it to be deployed on my network, have a web interface for volunteers to sign up for volunteer events, and have a place to record hours. does anyone have any suggestions?